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As report period five begins, we will be reading and writing about social injustices, some which occur in Philadelphia.  Once such controversy that came to light after last year’s PSSA exams is cheating on the behalf of the teachers and principals, not the students.  Read the article and state your opinion about this injustice in at least 5 sentences.  Who is really being cheated?  Why did the schools/teachers cheat?  State your thoughts in the comments.

“Compelling” evidence of cheating in many Philadelphia schools

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  • brea.statham

    I think that those schools should be punished in a more severe way. I believe that they are wrong for possibly cheating on the most important test of the year. Cheating is wrong and wont get one no where in life.

  • Ant_Carter

    The Philadelphia School District is holding cases against 56 Philadelphia schools. The PSSA scores or the main purpose to the casing. The low scores are a big detriment to the problem. Low scores are basically showing the School Board that schools are not being successful because of the teachers. Some teachers are causing students to fail so those schools are being closd down.

  • KushKidTookes

    I believe the students are being cheated in this situatiion all around. I make this conclusion because the students dont know how they are really doing on these tough tests. Additionally, there is no trust in the staff and no adult figure in the school. Personally, the studens should be greatly rewarded for not being the ones apart of this because this is ironic. The teacher should get arrested and be rediculed about their actions etc.

  • O.boyd

    This is horrible because why would someone cheat on a test that reflects on the students. this means that they are cheating the student and when you cheat the students you are ruining their schooling experience. The teachers cheating is a reflestion of the teahcers not workin, but the schoool is just as bad as the teacher. I say this becayuse there is no way that the principal of that shool doesnt see the enormous change or is in on the scam. Those teachers and schools should be ashamed.

  • N.M

    I think that students are really being cheated out of their education. For instance, if teachers are helping the students cheat it’s not showing what the students really know. The school or teachers probably cheated to help improve school ratings. Or to show the students are learning something when there really not. I really think that parents should really take a interest in this so their children education won’t be takin advantage of them.

  • Noe_12

    I believe that the students should not be held accountable for the wrong doing of the teachers. The teachers were the ones that made the bad decision of cheating. The techers should get in trouble because they had no right to do that. The parents should do something because their kids educaion could be in jeopardy. Something should be done !

  • tiaR_102

    I believe that those students are being cheated out of their learning. If the teachers are telling the students the answers, then it’s like they are not learning anything. These teachers probably just wanted the students to get better ratings in the school boards. This will look bad for the teachers and the school.

  • kayb_keep_it_103

    i think that the teacher was only doing that to help the children that freze up on the test . for ex , when i take a test i do the same thing . but still dont maek it right

    on the on the other hand kids should not allow the teacher to do that because you only hearting yourself in the long run.

  • Jawhaun_23

    I think that the people who make the test and the school district are being cheated. For the people to put all of their effort into making the test and students are cheating is a waste. Students are not actually knowing what they really know from the test because their cheating. although they may know what they don’t know. Students are also cheating them self because they don’t know what they need to work on and get better at.

  • Cryssmycomment

    Personally, I don’t think the students should be punished for the Districts wrong doing. 53 schools have been investigated; Why? I thought the Actual PSSA test its self didnt release until March 5th of each year. Its A shame that The students Are basically going to be the ones to blame for this down fall.

  • KyleB_360

    Overalll, after reading this article i believe that it is wrong for some of these schools to help give the answers to kids on the PSSA. Moreover, i belive that some of these students are somehow begin cheated out of their education and aren’t learning anything if the teachers are giving them the answers. So for now I think that the teachers help give the answers to kids was just to get higher grades and noticed on the school board.

  • FAV_cash

    I dont think its right for the teachers to be just giving out answers to students like that. But, the reason why is because how would the students learn if the teachers is giving out the answers. I think that the teacher should get fired just from doing that.

  • TaiC

    I don’t think its fair because other students at different schools try their hardest to do good on the pssa and we have teacher like these giving away answers, making everything unfair. Kids are never going to learn if teachers resort to cheating as their guide. The teachers should feel ashamed of themselves.

  • callmelena21

    I believe that it is very wrong that schools in the philadelphia school district are cheating on PSSA test scores. Because of this, students dont actually know how well they are doing on the PSSA’s. In addition, it isnt actually fair for the other schools who actually work hard for the scores they get. All of the teachers that change scores on the PSSA’s should get fired and/or punished because that is completely unfair.

  • teejay789

    It is completely wrong that the philadelphia school district is cheating on the PSSA’s test scores. This defeats the entire purpose of taking the PSSA’s if the students are not getting the grades that reflect on what they actually learned. In addition, it is unfair towards students who actually work hard to get the scores that they have without having to cheat. Teachers/staff involved should get fired immediately.

  • tae2chainz

    I believe it was wrong for what these schools did. But you can’t blame the whole school for what the teacher’s did. Also I think the only reason the teacher’s did what they did because they care about their students grade. Lastly if the teacher did their job in the first place they would’nt have to cheat for them.

  • Quelly2015

    I believe that the teachers should not give the students the answers to the test while they are taking it. However , the teacher can them to check a answer if they got it wrong and give them the answers after EVERYONE takes the test. The students will think all the answers should be just giving to them in a every day life and that will never happen.

  • Nell69

    I believe that it is not right for teacher to give the answer to tests. A test is made to see how a student acadimics increase or decrease. Its also made to show a students abilities in different subjects. This shows that teacher just want their money and do not really care about the student. These student will not get anywhere in life adn these teachers are even worse, they should be fired.

  • Cie_Cie

    There were social injustices occurring in the PSSA exams. The schools were cheating on the exams. Teachers cheating for students are not a good idea because they aren’t getting accurate feedback on how they did on the exams. I think teachers should be fired for this behavior because that not good teaching skills. Overall this article just shows that the Teachers and principals are teaching students that it’s ok to cheat.

  • alexanderMS

    These teachers are crazy. They must have felt really inconfident about their teaching. This is like what we were talking about in literature. Teachers who don’t care if the student understands the subject should be fired. It’s that simple.

  • msabaker1

    @alexanderMS Great connection!

  • SJL24

    In my perspective, I think both the students & teachers are being cheated in this situation. Because the pssa’s are suppose to determine if a specific student has to get left back or move to the next grade. Also, if the teachers decide to cheat for the students their lack of knowledge is basically worthless. In addition, students just get a free pass to just pass the grade with no effort. Therefore, this isn’t a good thing to do.

  • Cindo_fig001

    I think that this isn’t the right way to do things like this than kids will not really know how they really did because their teachers cheated for them. This way the students will think they are doing the right way on the subject and on the test. So, this wasn’t correct behavior for the teachers, like if their students fail the pssa then obviously they weren’t teaching their students the right way that so they can understand.

  • Robin

    I think this was the wrong thing to do. If they wanted they students to pass they should of taught them more. This behavior from the teachers were unexpectable they should be fired.

  • Quise123

    I am apauled and ashamed by what i have just read. How dare you cheat on the test that will decide if i pass or fail. If i was you I’d hide in a shck for the rest of my life, knowing that i possibly destroyed someone else’s future. I’m going to sign out with this; my score better not be affected by this change, for i wont take the pssa again in the future


    In my opinion, the students are the ones that will end up paying in the long run. Teachers and principals not only cheated on the tests but also cheated their students. Because they cheated they will never know what the students really knew and didn’t. Honestly, I think those teachers and principals took the easy way out. Instead of doing their jobs and making sure the students knew the material.

  • Vasquez Isaac

    I think its wrong that all teachers have to be punsished for the wrong doing of others. not only the fact that the other teachers are doing somthing agaisnt the law that can have them go to chort but also be sent to jail becasue they wanted there school to look good. School Adminstrators should have noticed the sudden incresse in public school test adverages going up. “When students start doing things there not know for then things could be not what they seem.” says Jullieah Burns A highly know Judge says Students who were blamed for these inactments of injustice should’nt be punished and should be giving extra apolgies for just being blamed in the act of injustice.

  • ASAP_Tone

    I think that tests are stupid but that is just life and all we do is take test. Besides that i do that that students are begin cheated. These schools are not helping kids in any way. There test score are a fraud and not telling there true knowledge. On that hand this is why the states should really beef up security.

  • moneyQAL5

    I think that students are being cheated out of their own education when teachers help students cheat on PSSA’s because the students are not learning anything. We as the students are always being lectured about not cheating however at this instance teachers are cheating themselves. Therefore this makes those teachers hipocrits. It’s also unfair to the people who create the PSSA’s because they worked hard to create the test and expect the test to be taken honestly.

  • malcolm baptiste

    I think that really both the students and teachers were to blam in this case. the students would’nt have this happen if the teachers did more of a better job teaching them. And especially since this test determines so much for the students future, cheating for them will eventually cause damage to their college resume.

  • Silent Dre77

    In the article the teachers were wrong and cheating has always been something that is wrong. It’s a fraud and a lot of other schools work hard and now a school that cheated has high grades for the school. Cheating takes hard work away. Bad Teachers should be fired becuase they have no confidence.

  • Zaynasty218

    I do think that students are being cheated. Teachers do it all the top with these hard test and philadelphia school district does. To me it is not fair and that students get cheated by all of this stuff. So itb is unfair.

  • nae-nae0711

    I think it’s wrong that the teachers helped the students with the PSSA. However, I believe the students were the ones who were really being cheated. The fact that they were being told the answer and not trying on their own shows how much they really learned and knew. Also, its just that the schools aren’t helping children gain any intelligence if they are told the knoweledge on a state wide test. Therfore, I think the students were cheated and the teachers were completely wrong.

  • troy perry

    I think schools that help students cheat on test is very wrong. The school and state will never know how much the student know and has improved over the years. I think all the teachers and staff in the school who participated in this should be dealt with accordingly, and recieve the highest possible punishment.

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